Guide and tips in Moscow
Guide and tips in Moscow


Guide and tips in Moscow (blur)

Visiting Moscow all you need to know

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Moscow is the capital and largest city of Russia, located in the western part of the country. With a rich history and cultural heritage, Moscow is a popular destination for travelers interested in exploring Russia's past and present.

The climate in Moscow is humid continental, with cold winters and warm summers. Winter temperatures average around 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celsius) and can drop to as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 degrees Celsius). Summer temperatures average around 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) and can reach as high as 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius). The best times to visit Moscow are in the spring and fall, when the weather is mild and pleasant.

The Kremlin
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There are many tourist attractions to see and things to do in Moscow. Some of the top attractions include visiting the Kremlin, a fortified complex in the center of Moscow that serves as the official residence of the President of Russia; touring the Red Square, a historic square in the center of Moscow that is home to iconic landmarks such as St. Basil's Cathedral and the GUM department store; and exploring the Moscow Metro, a network of underground subway stations known for their ornate architecture and artwork.

Other popular tourist attractions in Moscow include the Tretyakov Gallery, a museum of Russian art; the Moscow Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in Europe; and the Moscow Circus, a popular entertainment venue featuring acrobatics, clowns, and animal acts.

St. Basil's Cathedral
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There are also several places to visit near Moscow, either by car or boat. One popular destination is the Golden Ring, a group of ancient towns and villages located to the northeast of Moscow. The Golden Ring is known for its beautiful architecture, ancient churches, and rich history. Another nearby destination is Sergiyev Posad, a town located about an hour's drive from Moscow that is home to the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

When it comes to dining and nightlife, Moscow has something for everyone. There are many top restaurants and bars located throughout the city, offering a wide range of cuisines and atmospheres. Some popular dining options include the Stary Efir, a rooftop restaurant with stunning views of the city and a menu featuring traditional Russian dishes; the Café Pushkin, a chic restaurant offering a blend of traditional and modern Russian cuisine; and the Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, a popular entertainment venue featuring circus acts, concerts, and a restaurant serving Russian and European dishes.

Bolshoi Theatre
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There are several ways to get around Moscow. The most convenient option is by metro, which is a cheap and efficient way to get around the city. Alternatively, you can also take a taxi or ride-sharing service, or rent a car if you prefer to explore the city on your own. Public transportation is also available, with buses, trolleybuses, and trams serving the city.

Overall, Moscow is a fascinating and vibrant city with a rich history and cultural heritage. From its iconic landmarks and museums to its delicious dining and nightlife options, there is something for everyone in Moscow. Whether you're interested in exploring Russia's past or immersing yourself in the city's modern culture, Moscow is the perfect destination.

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
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